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Pimento Productions is a Corsican based and operated video production company. We mainly work on corporate projects, and now start to develop documentary production. Our latest released as coproducer is a France Television 15x 5minutes documentary series, PAOLIWOOD, which follows the quest of a Corsican TV crew looking for Mel Gibson to get him to direct a biopic about Corsica not so famous hero: Pasquale PAOLI.

The documentary is directed by Lionel Dumas-Perini, co-founder of Pimento Prod.

We’re now currently working on the pre-production of a documentary about the 18th century Scottish writer James Boswell.


Pimento Prod is a video production company based in Bastia, within the captivating landscapes of Corsica. With a deep-rooted connection to our island’s culture and an unwavering commitment to visual storytelling, we specialize in crafting compelling films that showcase the essence of Corsica. From captivating corporate films that highlight the beauty of local businesses to internationally-oriented projects that explore the global impact of Corsican heritage, we are dedicated to creating original productions that tell impacting stories. Our in-house team of director, camera operator and editor combines their expertise in filmmaking and their passion for our island to deliver visual narratives that resonate both locally and worldwide.

At Pimento Productions, we are excited to announce our venture into the world of documentary production for television. Building upon our success in corporate films, we are now harnessing our storytelling experience to create and produce documentaries that inform, inspire, and entertain viewers. From capturing the untamed beauty of Corsica’s rugged landscapes to delving into compelling human narratives, we are committed to producing documentaries that inform, inspire, and entertain viewers.


In addition to our expertise in corporate films and documentary production, Pimento also offers comprehensive executive and local production services for photo and video shoots. We have had the privilege of working with renowned brands such as l’Occitane, Volkswagen, Vileberquin, and various fashion brands, providing them with exceptional production support for capturing captivating visuals in the enchanting backdrop of Corsica. From location scouting, recce, permits to casting, crew coordination, and airport transfer, we ensure seamless execution with a 100% local team, which assure our customers of fast problem solving whenever needed.


We embrace collaboration and are open to co-producing documentaries that explore anything related to Corsica in partnership with international production companies. We believe in the power of cross-cultural storytelling and the enriching exchange of ideas and perspectives. If you are a production company looking to delve into the stories and landscapes of Corsica, we’d be excited to join forces and bring these narratives to life together.

Let’s embark on a creative journey that transcends boundaries and unearths the untold tales of Corsica island and culture, fostering a global appreciation for our island’s rich heritage and natural wonders.